Ron Ritner

Owner / Architect

Licensed in California since 1993

WA / CO / NV / AZ / HI / IL

ge:stalt - the whole is more than the sum of its parts


Established in 1995, Ritner Group began with a primary focus that our 

practice be collaborative. 25 years later, the experience working alongside inspiring individuals, for amazing public and private clients, on remarkable projects remains our goal.


With more than 40 years of experience in housing design we are  committed to providing "hands on" involvement for every project. 


Each passing year, building solutions become increasingly complex while design and building processes are more onerous. It takes a dedicated and talented design / build team to complete extraordinary projects. 


I am grateful to all of the mentors, clients and collaborators that have given

us the opportunity to express our work and contribute to our surroundings.    

Our Team.

Fernando Gomez

Project Manager

With over 30 years of Housing experience, Fernando has been instrumental in the success of every project produced by the firm from it's launch in 1995.


His talents along with consistent focused dedication is reflected in the always expanding portfolio of built work. As projects become increasingly complex and take longer to construct, the cycle from concept to completion is a long and tedious path that requires steady leadership.


Our Collaborators.

Bob White / Forest Studio


Responsible for many award winning projects, Bob White established Forest Studio in 1998 with a focus on design of custom residential projects.  


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